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First of all: TIA!! (Thanks in Advance)
Wow! Thanks for choosing to participate in our βeta program.
What is an UsWeMe?
An UsWeMe enables you to provide your entire social presence to your friends, all in one place. Wait, I don’t want to build a personal UsWeMe, BUT I love BTS (or something or someone else!).
Please keep in mind that right now, you can only build one UsWeMe per account. We are hoping to allow multiple UsWeMes soon™.
How can you help?

As part of our βeta team, we really need to hear from you!

When you’re not signed in, tap or click the empty head to access the feedback button. After you’re signed in, tap your avatar to access the feedback button.

Our latest update is a live feed based of Instagram and Twitter. Here are some examples...

The more feedback we get, the better UsWeMe gets.

We’re always “happy” to get bug reports, but we also encourage you to submit all kinds of comments:
Become a βeta Tester...

We really can’t do this without you.

As a βeta Tester, your feedback will be given priority.
Our design team is literally waiting to hear from you!
Here’s our email (for the βeta program)
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In order to be part of the βeta Test team, we need your email address... Obviously, we won't share your email with anyone.

If you want to leave the βeta program at anytime, please let us know using the address you provide here.

Leaving the program will not remove your badges (unless you want them removed).

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What next?
  1. First, try UsWeMe without signing in...
  2. Sign in
    Super important! If you sign in with an email address or id that’s different than the email you’ve provided here, please let us know (by email) what it is!
    Note Serious Face!
    That way, we can keep track of your feedback properly.

  3. Setup your very own UsWeMe.
    It can be a personal one or dedicated to your favorite celebrity, public figure, business, movie, pet etc. Whatever you want.

  4. Crickets!?

    Well, yes... You’re the first ones here!

    Go ahead and invite...

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