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The easy new way for everyone to organize, manage, and share all their social and messaging sites in one place.
Your best friends knock on your back door, because it’s easier for them. That’s fine with you!

Other folks use your front door.

Naturally, you don’t want anyone to knock on your door unexpectedly at odd hours when you might be sleeping.

Imagine a polite, civil digital society...

Folks who want to connect with you ask for permission on your UsWeMe, otherwise, they don't bother you. They also let you sleep at night, even if it’s noon for them!

You always retain direct control over who accesses your social and communication connections.

For example, just because you let someone use your UsWeMe to contact you and follow you on Instragram, doesn’t mean you give them access to Facebook.

By the way, we only collect your email (so your friends can find you). We don’t collect any other private data.
Requires a current HTML5 compliant browser running on the current release of your operating system.

Tested on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari. On other browsers, YMMV.
Careful rollout.

All comments, suggestions, and error notifications are welcome.
Usweme is a Progressive Web App. No download required.
UsWeMe Technology is protected by US and international patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
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UsWeMe is designed and optimized for current HTML5 compliant browsers.

It’s been tested on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari. On other browsers, YMMV.
UsWeMe should work well on phones, tablets and computers. We suggest using phones in portrait mode.
Known Issues
Please use the please inquire button in the menu to report any bugs you may encounter.
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